About Us

I have been a wedding photographer since 2003 and have won several awards. I taught myself to shoot video in 2012 by working day and night and by starting Creative Voices Project. I started shooting video as a medium to share stories about people in the arts that I knew. From there it grew into shooting a LOT more. Now I produce, shoot and edit video and shoot still photography across multiple disciplines.

I fell in love with documentaries in the 3rd grade. It was by far the best way for me to learn. Now, I am in the process of creating compelling documentaries about everything from people with red hair to issues related to our Justice System.

Some of my corporate clients include;

Radisson Hotel, Jewish Lawyers Guild, New Rochelle Council On The Arts, Town Of Haverstraw, NY, Artist Charles Fazzino, House Of Speakeasy, Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Program, Alvin and Friends Restaurant, New York Womens Bar Assoc. Pianist Burak Bedikian, Saxophonist Paul Carlon w/Chembo Cornier, Guitarist Roni Ben-Hur w/George Cables and Victor Lewis, Bassist Harvie S. w/ Kenny Barron, Composer Peter Hand, Trumpeter Eddie Allen.